Hemp Farmer Grow Program

We love to work with farmers because we are farmers! Whether you’re growing indoor, outdoor or both we have you covered. From the best genetics in seeds and clones to the most advanced extraction and distillation, we can supply all the products and services necessary to have a successful grow. Our farmer grow programs range from seed only purchases to our “360° Seed to Sale” package which includes consulting, seed, extraction, processing, sales and distribution.

  • Superior Genetics For Better Grows

Get matched up with best available seeds and/or clones for your specific needs based on location, timeline, resources and business model.

  • Expert Indoor/Outdoor Grow Consulting

We talk farmer to farmer, because we are farmers. No double-talk no up-sell pitches, just straight talk on how to have the most successful outcome based on your goals.

  • Variety Of Programs To Suit Your Needs

It’s all up to you. Work with us at the outset or every step along the way. Either way, we treat you as our partner and part of our farmer family!

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